“I just wanna ski! It’s a great day for skiing!” Ella Goodney

Another fantastic weekend at the Skiway is in the books for our u12 group! While the terrain is still quite limited, we have not let that prevent us from a fun and productive couple of weeks on the slopes. On Saturday and Sunday we split off into a few groups where we then focused on more balancing drills.

We added another element to our training over the weekend that planted a seed for a new focus in our skiing; smooth transitions onto the new edge. This goal allowed us to hone in on drills that helped emphasize what it feels like to be on the front of our skis, (by the way, this feels much better than the contrary!). From “hand claps,” and “doing the disco,” the group definitely had a fun time experimenting with new drills. By the end of the day we were moving our hips forward in the transition. This allowed us to be in an athletic position at the start of the new turn.

Sunday morning Gerd set up the “picket fence drill” for all of the Ford Sayre athletes. Ask your kid(s) what they thought of it and I am sure they will emphasize the challenge this drill presents. The short 1 meter distance between each brush gate forced us to move our hips forward, pole plant and perhaps most importantly, we had to be balanced on our skis. It is certainly worthy of noting that the picket fence course is a Skills Quest component and was at last year’s U14 CanAm event. Thanks Gerd for taking the time to set this up for the athletes!

Each weekend the conditions at the Skiway are going to get better and better. The kids have been great so far this season with their positivity, eagerness to improve their skilling, and most definitely are in the holiday spirit while we sang Christmas carols on the lift!

From all the coaches of the u12 group we wish you a wonderful holiday!

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