Qualifier #1 – Sunapee

This past weekend we were back at Sunapee for the first of three qualifying events. It was a sunny day with near perfect snow conditions for the racers. Ford Sayre athletes really stepped it up for this race and definitely showed their team sprit by making sure not one teammate left the start without a big cheer of encouragement. We love that!

The day of racing was particularly fun because while the pressure was felt by many of our athletes as the thought of State Championships floated through their minds, they were able to keep things in perspective while remembering each qualifier race counts every run as its own race!

This week we are back at Whaleback for training and are hoping to squeeze in a Big Mountain Day this Sunday. With so much racing and training at this point in the season, it is important to remember how important it is to simply get out on the slopes and JUST SKI. We have the weekend off from racing and plan to continue the fun at the Skiway on Saturday and a soon to be announced “big mountain” on Sunday. Stay tuned! Keep thinking snow!

IMG_9355 IMG_9352 IMG_9350 IMG_9349 IMG_9344

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